Bold Proclamation #1 – Best Beer in the World


Numero Uno.

Not hands down.  But it is.  #1.  If you don’t know it, it’s Belgian.  Exported to over 50 countries.  Worth its price in each one.

I had it in Ukraine tonight.  I wanted it in France last week but we didn’t go to a place that had it on the menu.  Last month, I went to a place where they had it on the menu in Prague and they were out.  The point is, I search for it.  It’s that good.

If you’ve had it, you know what I mean.  You might disagree, but you know what I mean.  If you wholeheartedly disagree, throw down.  Tell me why I’m full of it in the comments.

But make sure you’ve had it, because if you’re going to throw down, you had better be ready for the blowback…


  1. “Best Beer?” I thought I knew you better, little brother. The best beer is:

    1. Cold
    2. Free
    3. Typically time and place-specifc
    4. Any combination of the above

    Truth told, downing a cold, ill-gotten Milwaukee’s Best while fishing out of our square-stern canoe in high school tasted every bit as good as some of the snootiest, pedigreed brews I’ve ever had. And in fact, I find myself changing beers as the seasons change. I’m transitioning from Boulevard Dry Stout to New Belgium Mighty Arrow. And next week will probably be different.

    So Duvel is great — but The Greatest? Ease up there, Euro Boy.

    1. Scamp, the stuff you’re talking about is all relative. I’m talking in absolutes. Sure, any beer is better than no beer, cold beer is better than warm beer, and free beer is generally better than expensive beer. But the fact is, for me, the best tasting beer is Duvel. I don’t know of one that tastes better.

      And should you really be talking? Last time I checked you said the best BBQ in the world was a chicken sandwich. Poultry from a Nebraskan? I thought I knew you better, big brother.

      That said, the next time I’m in KC, I want one.

      I’ll just let the Euro Boy comment slide. You’ve called me much worse!

  2. Two thumbs up from team Dewey on the Duvel. Even had to buy the special glasses in Brussels and haul them home in carry-on. 10 years later, Duvel still tastes better when served in them.

    But re. the French: Nah, they’re snotty.

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