The Italian Snob

Yes, Italy has a brand of candy called “Snob”.  Luckily, we’ve found the Italians to be mostly un-snobbish during our visit so far.  Well, with one slight exception.  We’re in the “upscale” part or Sardegna right now and the lady at the front desk gave Mrs. NH some guff about not registering the “3-year-old daughter” on her reservation.  Mrs. NH coyly replied, “They didn’t offer that on” Problem solved.  And in a satisfying, un-snobbish way.

Now, I’m sitting by the pool sipping a drink that is way too strong and will most certainly mean that Mrs. NH will be driving the winding island roads for dinner tonight.  She’s a champ and she knows it.

More Aperol fueled musings as time permits…

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