Lightning Review: Kodak PlaySport

Right before we headed out to the beach, I saw a link on one of my favorite blogs, Instapundit, where there was a recommendation for the Kodak PlaySport video camera.  My 3-year-old Sanyo HD camera is a bit long in the tooth so I decided to take the “plunge” on this $250, waterproof marvel.  So far it has been a great little unit.  It is in my pocket everywhere I go, including the ocean.  At that price, I’m not bankrupt if something happens to it so I have taken a lot more videos.

The picture itself is clean and crisp (at least on the laptop I’m packing).  Compared to my older Sanyo, everything about it is faster.  That’s nice when trying to capture a little kid living it up in the ocean.  For a little example of the video quality, I’ve took a short video of today’s lunch.  Caution: Video of extreme relaxation below.  Do not watch from the office…

EDIT: Nope, there was a topless woman at the very tail end.  Seriously.  So I had to pull it from YouTube.  Sorry.  Maybe later.

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