Cala Gonone – Sardegna, Italy

We’ve headed south a bit to a more relaxed area.  We’re in Cala Gonone and it resembles a fishing village turned tourist mecca.  There are the requisite gelato stands and cocktail bars serving the necessary Italian beach drinks accompanied by plenty of chill out cocktail music.  But it’s small and totally without pretense.  Far away are the yacht yards of Costa Smeralda surrounded by sparkling strip mall style settlements.  This is much more of a family place.  As I sit on my balcony in the Miramare Hotel, I only see one boat that could be considered a yacht and several smaller boats that would classify as rubber boats with motors.  Frankly, it’s a nice change.  With my 5 t-shirts per trip maximum, I really didn’t fit in up the road.  Here, I look like just another comfortable, scruffy, road-warrior dad.

Dinner was on the balcony of our hotel room overlooking the harbor.  It was 9 euros and in the form of 2 Margherita pizzas.  Well, that and extraneous bottles of wine.  Great company on a great night.

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