Traditional Sardegnian Music?

Those of you who pay any attention to this blog or have spent any time around me know I’m a music lover.  I’ll listen to just about anything as long as it sounds good in a particular time and place.  I like hearing the local music in some of the places where I travel; that’s why I can handle the occasional, slightly cheesy restaurant band playing local favorites (even if that is “Volare” for the 20th time).

That’s why the trip to Sardegna has been so vexing from a musical standpoint.  Nothing less than “Walk Like and Egyptian,” “Flashdance (What a Feeling),” and “(The Theme From) Never-frickin’-Ending Story” have all blared from restaurant speakers since our visit on this sun-kissed island.  What gives?  Are they trying to drive tourists away?

Everything else has been top-notch.  The prices are fine, the food is consistently good and the service is worlds better than what we routinely experience in the Czech Republic.  So, why all the bad tunes?

Maybe it’s just another symptom of globalization.  Don’t they know the rest of the globe tried to kill this music off?  Is this the price I have to pay to not see another Starbucks sign in a far-off land?

If so, what a feelin’.

2 thoughts on “Traditional Sardegnian Music?

  1. This is the dude that played for us at La Basilica in Sorennto!!! You have had wayyyy to much vino!!!

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