Dubrovnik, Croatia

It is Tuesday morning here and Mrs. NH is out walking the wall around town and I am having coffee while Little NH catches up on some cartoons via the Zune.  We figured Little NH would have no patience for a 2 hour walk around a wall so I opted to sleep while she rested up. 

Dubrovnik is really a beautiful city.  With all the gear we are carrying, it was tough to park and get into, but once you are in it, it is a feast for the eyes.  As a matter of fact, all of Croatia has been wonderful.  So much so, that I keep chiding Mrs. NH that Italy better “step up its game” or risk losing top status in our book.  Seriously.  Everything from the service, sheer beauty of the locales, right down to thick toilet paper in the hotels.  It is all really nice.  And it is very affordable.  We had a good meal, right on the harbor last night for a little over $30.  Incredible.

I liken this country to a late bloomer girl who does not yet know how beautiful she is.  Consequently, she is not hung up on herself but just concentrates on being the best she can be.  I can only tell you, in the case of Croatia, she is a real sweetheart.

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  1. Fredericksburg Flash says:

    Dubrovnik was one of our favorites also. Hope MS NH took the camera on the wall walk, cause it is beautiful. Don’t miss the big square in old town, and at night the marble streets shine like glass, and the clock is a masterpiece .
    Had a great mussel lunch at a restaurant there. Enjoy!!

  2. NotHemingway says:

    Yes, she brought the camera and pretty much filled up 2GB in two hours. The food has been great and surprisingly affordable, considering the location and view.

    Sunny again. We are off to Trogir!

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