Burek in Korčula, Croatia

One of the treats of getting a little deeper into Croatia is traditional Balkan food.  First and foremost of these crossroads of cultures foods is Burek.

Imagine a crispy pastry filled with succulent, herb-spiked meat.  The Nebraskans among you would instantly classify it as a “Runza” in a slightly crispy pastry.  Others, not born and raised to know “The Good Life” would probably call it a meat empanada.  Others, a meat pie.

I just call it delicious.

Mrs. NH was converted as well.  She had many bites of mine and one of her own later in the day.  The next day, she discovered the cherry burek.  Much more of a morning pastry but no less delicious.  It was crispy outside, gooey inside and just tart enough to get the taste buds engaged.

I didn’t have cheese burek this trip.  I’ll have to save that for my next trip to Sarajevo.

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