NotHemingway Is In The Studio

I love it when I read that some of my favorite bands are in the studio.  It always brings up all sorts of high hopes for new albums that I will play over and over for weeks on end.  So, I’m jumping on this hype machine by telling you all that I’m “in the studio” working on my next Spit or Litter album.  You don’t care?  That’s fine.  I do this just to please myself.

I bought some new recording software after dumping Cakewalk’s Music Creator.  After some searching around on the Internet, I bought Acoustica’s Mixcraft.  All I can say is, home recording software has come a long way since I last dabbled in music making a few years back.  Mixcraft is a slick, feature packed, bug-free package that is really easy to use.  It’s also full of really cool effects from amps to drum machines and synths.  Little NH is a real fan of the combination of the vocorder and delay effects.  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” sung in a metallic robot voice by a 3-year-old.  It’s awesome.  She thinks so, too.

I’ve also brought along some newly purchased guitar effects and surprises for this outing.  I hope to give this project a little bit more attention on the lower end as well with my newly constructed bass.  Of course, I can hardly play most of the instruments I own.  That’s why my sound is always “innovative.”

I have no songs written and I have to tear my “studio” down every night before I go to bed so, speculating on a release date would be a bit premature.  I don’t even know what vein it will be in.  However, Mrs. NH, Little NH and her “Gigi” are planning a two week trip in September so I’m hoping for some really productive recording time then.

But we musicians are a fickle bunch so anything could happen.  Stay tuned.


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