Karaoke in Russia

I just got back from Moscow.  It was the best trip I have ever had there.  Heck, it was one of the best trips for work that I have ever had – not to mention one that involved a trade show.  I discovered a new facet of the Russian people that I’ve never seen before.  As it turns out, they have an intense love of karaoke.  Bad, shameless karaoke, to be exact.  For three days in a trade show booth, I watched as the proud people of the Russian Federation butchered English language songs – all in the name of promoting a new English teaching product.

Did I mention I got paid to do this?  Between that and the Russian models hocking all sorts of Internet goods, it was pretty awesome.  Not to mention, the product got promoted.

That’s Capitalism, comrade.

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  1. Scampwalker says:

    Damn, that is atrocious… and I’ve heard a lot of bad karaoke in my day. They’re actually pushing karaoke as a legitimate way to learn the english language? Look out Rosetta Stone!

  2. NotHemingway says:

    No, the karaoke was just a way to bring attention to the online English teaching course. Now, if the course was more than vaporware, that would have been perfect. But as far as vaporware goes, I guess we’re in good company and that makes us cutting edge. Right?

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