Homemade Bucatini all’Amatriciana

I have some old topics I have to clear out.  There’s been a lot of food and travel over the past few months and I haven’t gotten to cover it all.  One of the items I’ve missed is our own homemade Bucatini all’Amatriciana.  The Scampwalker family got us a gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma for our birthdays and we decided to use it on a KitchenAid pasta press.  The thought of making homemade bucatini was pretty exciting to me.  So, a few weeks ago, after receiving the package in the mail, we gave it a shot.

The end result was tasty, if different than I had imagined.  Of course, it was only our first attempt at using the gadget so I’m sure it will get perfected as we go along.  I believe I made the dough a little dense and not quite wet enough.  Running it through the auger in this machine, it’s pretty clear that softer dough is key.

That said, the flavor was great.  This simple pasta covered with the Amatriciana sauce is simple, rustic comfort food at its best.

We’re looking forward to trying this attachment to make all sorts of other pasta.  It will certainly be used at a dinner party coming soon.  We’ll keep you posted.

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