Lightning Review: Gomez – “Whatever’s on Your Mind”

There are severely conflicting views on this album in the music press.  The usual suspects balk at the album’s deceptively light feeling and accuse the band of going soft lyrically.

I don’t agree at all but I’m not here to refute those claims as I feel most music critics belong under the category, “those that can’t do, critique”.  What I can tell you is that this album came along at the right place and the right time for me.  It has been the perfect summer soundtrack for the NH family as well as an absolute delight for me on my headphones during my morning metro commute.

I started out listening to this album in the car on our trip down to Croatia.  The mood of it was evident even on 85mph straightaways and I found the intro/outro refrain of “I Will Take You There” was inextricably lodged into my brain during the entire trip.  That, I loved.

There’s a real mix of Gomez on this album and it is a sunnier sounding record.  It has a great pop element to it but deeper listening via headphones reveals the old complexity and cut and paste nature of earlier Gomez records.  There’s plenty going on in the form of strings, horns, and even awesome distorted bass lines.  There’s a real biting wit to the lyrics this time around, too.  Maybe the sarcasm is lost on some listeners.  Maybe they’re just not listening.

Is it Gomez’s best album ever?  It’s a tough catalogue to compete with but time will eventually tell.  The fact is, it’s a great summer album and as one peels back the layers, it’s a grower that is sure to keep blooming well into the fall.

(How’s that for a mixed metaphor, Pitchfork?)

Get it HERE.  Check out a cool video interview with them HERE.


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