A “Hacked” Ikea Hol and Stanton T-62 Turntable

Now how’s that for a cryptic post title?

Those of you that have spent any time on my blog know that I am smitten with vinyl records.  I finally got my Stanton T62 turntable after my birthday a few days back and needed a place to put it in our 2 bedroom apartment occupied by four.  I found it in the Ikea Hol – about a $50 purchase at an Ikea in Prague.  After about 5 minutes of initial assembly and 1 hour of modifying it according to the Instructables.com tutorial, I’ve got a handsome, functional turntable stand.  The bottom portion houses my modest collection of vinyl and allows me to tuck it away (hopefully) out of the reach of a soon-to-be-crawling Little NH2.  Now, as soon as the pre-amp shows up in the mail, I’ll be all ready to use it.  Stay tuned.



  1. Hi, I’m looking to buy the same turntable but don’t know much about pre-amps, may I ask which one you went for? any advice?

    • I went with a behringer pp400. It does the trick for me. There is a very faint buzz somewhere in my system but I’m using a US receiver on European current so it could be anywhere. The Turntable is also on a converter. I have no reason to believe the buzz is in the preamp. Good luck. You’ll love the turntable. It sounds great to these ears.

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