Lightning Review: Stanton T.62

It’s 9:45, the kids are asleep, I’m halfway into a bottle of Cabernet and the Replacements “Waitress in the Sky” is pouring out of my speakers.  Hello, mid-life-crisis.  I think I love you.

My Stanton T.62 is set up and spinning my collection.  It’s kind of forcing me to slow down and listen to the music.  Hell, when the first side is over, the needle doesn’t even go back to the start.  You have to get your butt off the couch, gather your faculties and lift it yourself.  That’s the real definition of interactivity.  Take that Google +!

There’s a bit of a buzz from the ground I made immediately following preparation of a ziti dinner.  I used a United Airlines headphones set (one of the double pronged ones) for the ground wire.  Vinyl makes me multi-task my rear end off.  Did I mention how much I’m loving this?

Side one is over, back in a second….

“We are the sons of no one!!!!”  OK, sorry.  That’s just the start of side two.

What more can I say about this turntable.  It sounds great.  It looks cool; the strobe on the left shows me that even through a voltage converter, this direct-drive baby tracks perfectly.  The white light bathing the stylus in illumination just adds to the fetish.  It’d only be sweeter in red.  With a really small lady dancing on top.

I’d rate this a strong buy.  Nothing like the battery powered number I bought and returned a few months back.

“Here Comes A Regular” is over.

Well hello, Pleased to Meet Me.  I love 180 gram reissues. Goodbye Amazon birthday gift certificates.  See you at 39.

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