Thunder Review: Pink Floyd – “Dark Side of the Moon” 2011 180 Gram Remaster

Dark Side of the Moon PosterI just typed the title to this post and realize that I’ve crossed a Rubicon of sorts.  I’m seriously into records and actually pay attention to how much they weigh.  That’s just weird.  Even for me.

Notwithstanding, Friday night found me on a crash course with fate.  I came across a brand new copy of the 2011 vinyl remaster of the aforementioned Pink Floyd masterpiece in a record store here in Prague.  The price was actually cheaper than what I would have paid online so I snatched it up.

There has been some harsh talk about the quality of this pressing on the Amazon site.  However, the UK pressing gets stellar reviews.  The copy I found was pressed in the UK.

After the kids were put to bed, the dishes were done and my wife retreated to the computer for some overdue e-mailing, I put this hefty classic on my Stanton and put the volume on a very moderate 10:00 pm level as to not disturb the neighbors.

Now, I’m not an audiophile and my receiver is over 10 years old, but I can tell you, this album sounds better than ever.  All of the punch is there and there’s a real warmth to the sound.  It is the best sounding record in my collection by far.

Listening to it in a room lit only by the monitor behind me, I greatly enjoyed the 45 or so minutes of Floyd at its best.  In the end, with vinyl, I’ll argue that the sound is “warmer” (that has to be heard to be believed) but the real thing about the medium is that it really forces you to sit the heck down and listen.

The other night there were no kids in the room, no electronics on my lap and no twitterverse sending me messages about things that don’t matter.  It was just me and an album that first landed like an atom bomb in the middle of my youth and continues to make a huge impact to this day.


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