Dark Soy and Honey Seared Pork Tenderloin

This was an improvisation about a month ago and it’s so easy and good we ended up doing it again for Easter.  Mrs. NH and I were both sick and this was a nice mix between gourmet and easy.  I marinated the tenderloin in a Ziploc with dark soy, olive oil, lime juice and honey for about 3 hours before grilling it.  The outside had just the right amount of crispiness from the sugar in the marinade and inside it was fork tender.  Served alongside some brown rice and fresh green beans, it was a meal packed with flavor.

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  1. Kasperville says:

    Grilling this as we speak. How long did you keep it on?

    1. NotHemingway says:

      They say pork should be 145 degrees. I get it close to that and then let it rest 10 minutes off the grill. That redistributes the juices and it cooks a bit more even off the grill.

      How did yours turn out? Tasty?

  2. Kasperville says:

    Really good.

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