Two Hours of Windows 8


Conference calls about databases shouldn’t last until 9:00.  Last night mine did.  Immediately after I had a bowl of pasta while the Mrs. and I did our Christmas shopping on our 6 year old HP desktop.  It only took about 30-40 minutes to get most everything squared away.  That meant from about 9:40 until 11:40 I got to focus on my new Dell all-in-one PC running Windows 8.

The fact that I only had about two hours to try this new PC and OS made it a good test to see if the new touch interface could be “learned” in that amount of time.  Short answer – sorta.

First off, the touch interface and new “start screen” are really fun and quite revolutionary for an open-minded tech lover.  The interface is fast, smooth and packed several moments of “wow” into the two hour period.  It was also pretty easy to figure out.

In fact, it was so easy to figure out, I got two users set up on one PC to a workable stage in that limited amount of time.  I used Ninite to get some of the programs that are a must have on any PC and let it do the work.  All I had to do was configure the accounts.

I don’t have a conference call tonight but I do have a haircut.  Even so, I should have another couple of hours to tinker tonight.  I have a feeling by that time, I’ll be ready to fully shut down the old computer and move the new on into its new place on the family desk.  I might stay up late just for fun.

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