Spoon at Bi Nuu, Berlin 06-02-14

Spoon Bi Nuu 2014 1

First off, the fact that I’m blogging after who-knows-how-long should tell you how incredible this show was.

Berlin? Check.
Tiny venue? Check.
Incredible band?  Check.
Reckless abandon?  Check. Check. Check.

Spoon Bi Nuu 2014 2Mrs. NH and I drove up to Berlin on a Monday morning to see this show.  A sitter stayed with the girls.  Reason being, Spoon has always been on our “bucket list” of bands to see.  Let’s just say it was worth the wait.

A career “hits” packed setlist in a tiny club full of 150 people, at most, was the ideal place to see a band this big.  As you can tell from the pictures, we were front row.  Britt Daniel graciously endured my “biggest fan ever” hooting an hollering throughout the set and even indulged my request:

“Play some new [stuff]!”
“Play some music?!?!” he answered.
“No, new [stuff]!”

A couple songs later he did.  It’s called “Rainy Taxi” and as far as I can tell, it’s the first time it was played.  (So, take that you Stereogum hipsters!)

The show was a fan’s dream.  They played all of the Spoon songs you would hope to hear, including my favorite, “The Fitted Shirt.”  They were equally gracious after the set, coming out to talk with the crowd and even entertained our requests to come to Prague.

These guys have the highest rating on MetaCritic for a reason.  If you ever get within a four hour drive of seeing them, go.

Remind them how to say “slide” in German, in case they forgot.

Here’s another great post from the night where you can see my [balding!?!!] head.

Spoon Bi Nuu 2014 3


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