3-2-1 Ribs!

I got a small Traeger smoker/gril a couple of years ago. I threw out my gas grill when I got it and haven’t looked back. I regularly make chickens, brats, tri tip, burgers and steaks on it. I love it.

I’m by no means a BBQ purist. I just want my food to come out tasty. No extra points for witchcraft here. So that’s why this 3-2-1 recipe is one of my favorites.

I never do fewer than 6 racks of ribs because they disappear so quickly. I follow the recipe as written with the exception of using local apple wine as my braising liquid. It is dry but crisp and makes the perfect base for my own sauce along with the rib drippings. (Oh, and I don’t finish them with the sauce in the grill. So nothing but dry rub. The sauce comes when eating.)

Pure rib heaven. I made this batch last night and two racks disappeared before they even cooled. The NH girls love their BBQ.

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