Tewa – Naschmarkt – Vienna, Austria

Situated smack dab in the center of Vienna’s Naschmarkt, Tewa feels suspiciously like it’s on a tourist clogged street in Mykonos.  Well, Mykonos or somewhere that organic, freshly prepared, Mediterranean food really thrives. As luck has it, Tewa is located in Vienna and only about a 4 hour drive from my garage.  The trip is worth every last mile. I’ve already told you about the … Continue reading Tewa – Naschmarkt – Vienna, Austria

Enrico Panigl Wine Bar – Vienna, Austria

“I’ve got a theory about this place,” I said as I gulped from a tasty glass of Zweigelt.  “What?” said Mrs. NH.  “OK,” I continued, “see that flag under the light over there?  I’m betting P.C.I. stands for ‘partido comunista de Italia’ (said with my Spanish accent – not Italian).  And by looking at the wines, this guy isn’t from Vienna.  He’s Italian.” Well, I … Continue reading Enrico Panigl Wine Bar – Vienna, Austria

Figlmüller – Vienna, Austria

In Germany, Wiener Schnitzel is a staple.  In Austria, it is protected by law.  And no place moreso than at Figlmüller in Vienna.  This was about my fourth trip to this sacred shrine of schnitzel and it never ceases to amaze me.  First, there’s the place itself.  It’s an unassuming entrance to a clean, homey, no frills restaurant.  Second, there’s the line.  There’s always a … Continue reading Figlmüller – Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt – Vienna, Austria

If there’s a place all epicureans should visit before they die, it’s Vienna’s Naschmarkt.  Mrs. NH and I trekked there this past weekend and were blown away by the sheer variety of food on display and for sale.  The market itself is located in the southwest quadrant of the city just outside the middle ring.  It has a pretty rich history, almost as rich and … Continue reading Naschmarkt – Vienna, Austria