Last Day in Croatia

So, I took the snorkel and the Kodak PlaySport out today and here was some of what I saw.  According to the Weather Channel forecast, the day was supposed to be a total washout; in fact, we all ended up with slight sunburns.  Good to know that USG employees aren’t the only ones who can […]

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Burek in Korčula, Croatia

One of the treats of getting a little deeper into Croatia is traditional Balkan food.  First and foremost of these crossroads of cultures foods is Burek. Imagine a crispy pastry filled with succulent, herb-spiked meat.  The Nebraskans among you would instantly classify it as a “Runza” in a slightly crispy pastry.  Others, not born and […]

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I Worked Today

Believe it or not, I worked today.  As a matter of fact, I’ve worked just about every day on this trip.  Usually, it is from a mobile phone in my hand or a computer on my lap.  Never a full day, but enough. It is a crazy, connected world.  Which leads me to the point […]

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

It is Tuesday morning here and Mrs. NH is out walking the wall around town and I am having coffee while Little NH catches up on some cartoons via the Zune.  We figured Little NH would have no patience for a 2 hour walk around a wall so I opted to sleep while she rested […]

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