Cast Iron Chocolate Chip Cookie

Yesterday was Mrs. NH’s birthday.  I’m not much of a baker so I always hate baking cakes or something for her birthday.  I always end up looking like some jerk out of a sitcom with flour all over my shirt and face. Well, the same thing happened this year (thanks to Little NH2 TURNING THE MIXER UP TO 5) but the end product was much better … Continue reading Cast Iron Chocolate Chip Cookie

Thai Basil Pork

This weekend, with one confirmed case of strep in the house and everybody generally worn out from a big week, I made some family comfort food.  Thai Basil Pork is supposedly Thai street food.  I’ve never been to Thailand so all I know is, it’s absolutely delicious. Mrs. NH recommended that instead of pairing it with rice or rice noodles, we whip up some carrot “zoodles” … Continue reading Thai Basil Pork

BBQ Brisket, Creamed Corn and SaSo Sweet Potatoes

Here’s how my morning started: Me: Hey, how’d you sleep? Mrs. NH: Oh, crud.  You forgot to season the brisket. Me: Crap. You handle the girls’ breakfast and I’ll do it now. You see, we take our brisket pretty seriously in the NH household.  It’s a rare, expensive delicacy in the Czech Republic.  It’s even more special when it’s accompanied by homemade creamed sweet corn … Continue reading BBQ Brisket, Creamed Corn and SaSo Sweet Potatoes