Woo Hoo, O2

I realize that a couple of posts down I gave a blanket statement about Prague prices and “crap service.”  I have to point out that, at least today, in the O2 shop on Wenceslas Square, that couldn’t have been further from the truth.  A nice young lady behind the counter helped me get a new modem for my DSL service and did it with a smile and incredibly courteousness.  She even seemed pleased to practice her English with the Ugly American who spoke no Czech other than Děkuji.  The price wasn’t excessive either.  Odd – good service from a phone company.  I can’t even believe I’ve written those words!

Two All-Beef Patties. . .

This may only be of interest to those of you living out of the US but NotHemingway reader “Ellen Prague” commented on the Prague prices post and pointed out the Big Mac index to me.  I’ll admit, I’d never heard of it but it paints an interesting picture of where the dollar sits in relation to other world currencies based on the price of a Big Mac.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I haven’t had a Big Mac in about 3 years but I have seen the prices of beer rise.  However, just under $2 for a beer at the Letna beergarden is still a sweet deal when you consider the surroundings and what the equivalent would cost back home.  Na zdraví!

Ikea Instructions

OK, this one’s for all of you folks out there who has a piece of IKEA furniture in his or her house (and really, who here in the old world doesn’t have something these days) and have had to take it apart for one reason or another.  Now you just have a bag of hex screws and pile of cheap wood.  Your problems are solved.  All the instructions are archived on the ikeafans.com site.  Take a look and put your “Jerker” back together, jerk.