So there is a shortage of gasoline in Houston right now because of Ike.  There is irony in there somewhere.

I spent yesterday hauling a generator, gasoline, ice, and water to some relatives in SE Texas, near Beaumont.  They do not expect to have electricity for 4-6 weeks.  It took me almost an entire day finding a generator in Austin.  I finally got lucky and got the last one Costco had in a shipment of 30 they had just received.  They sold out in 5 minutes.  But at least we have gas in Austin.  When I got to within about an hour of Houston the stations that were open- not that many- had lines of 30-100 cars waiting in line.

By the way, every single person that I have talked to that stayed and rode out the storm (almost all because of their awful experience trying to evacuate during Rita) said the next time-  they are leaving.  The scope of the damage from this storm- hundreds of miles- is amazing.  Here in Austin-  where two days before landfall they were projecting the eye going right over us-  we barely got a stiff breeze.

New Blogger Alert

There’s new contributor on board – you’ll know him as thebrotherinlaw.  He’s much more well-read than me and he’s based in the liberal bastion of Austin, Texas.  He’ll keep me grounded and add a new, welcome perspective – and might just make me look like a Kennedy. That’s as close as this site gets to balance!