Angelfood Cake from Scratch, Chocolate Cake from a Box, Peach Cream Pie

There, is that better for you?  Cake, cake, cake.  That’s what 50% of you come to this blog for?  That Minnie Mouse cake.  Cake.  There, I said it again.

I’ve spent the last two years slaving over a hot blog, offering my take on the world only to see my readership growing due to something my wife did.  Yeah, she’s great and all but it’s kind of disappointing that the most popular thing on my blog is something I had no part of.

So, I choose to soothe my damaged ego thusly:  Because of my excellent skill in taking and tagging pictures, search engine optimization (SEO) and brilliant prose, that dang Minnie Mouse cake just can’t help but be loved.  That’s also why I tried to get Mrs. NH to blog a bit herself.  She’s interesting or I wouldn’t have married her.

So I guess I should be happy.  Nobody’s threatening to lead me to the guillotine for saying, “Let them eat cake.”

It’s been a tasty couple of weeks around here.