Quick Impressions from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

SarajevoIt’s a strange day when it dawns on me that Sarajevo, a city with such a storied history, is a comfortable place for me.  As I strolled by mosques and Serbian Orthodox churches this evening I pondered the history that has converged on this overgrown village.  I’m really intrigued by the way, for a time, Sarajevo really tried to be a melting pot of the world’s great religions and so many different cultures.  Yes, it was a failed effort and what followed was “sniper alley” but it’s no less interesting.

I realized that this is about my 5th trip here in as many years.  I guess I can’t help but feel a little more comfortable.   Plus, the food is good and my grasp of the history of the city gets a little better with every visit.

I have a couple more nights here and am looking forward to more good meals and finding more comfort in the storied streets of this town.