I Just Dropped My Phone…

…five stories off the hotel balcony.  Believe it or not, I was working.  I was on my laptop and my mobile was in my lap.  I stood up to try to get a better wi-fi signal and bloop!  Off it went.

It fell down, through some bushes and onto a pile of leaves and soft ground.  Little NH was napping inside so I had to wait an excruciating hour to go retrieve it.  It was worth the wait, though.  The bushes broke its fall and the leaves and dirt brought it to a safe landing.

Not a scratch on the thing.  Whew!

One of my faithful readers might remember a similar story with his phone in Spain.    Somewhere in Spain, there’s a pigeon dead from trying to pass a “pearl” he gobbled up from a shattered Blackberry.  Heh.