Tuesday Night, Belgrade, World-Weary

Ah, long trips always bring about this moment.  The moment after sitting between two chain smokers all day, the moment after driving through a dusty, littered countryside, the moment after the “evils of America” are told to me in hugely flawed detail by people who still send their children there for an education. The moment I ask why I bother to do any of this.  … Continue reading Tuesday Night, Belgrade, World-Weary

The Czech Sasquatch – In His Underwear

Just one final impression of Prague for you during my last hours in the Czech Republic.  What I’m about to tell you is a phenomenon that is highly Czech from all accounts.  Nevertheless, I’ve only ever heard about it and read about it from friends or on other expat blogs.  You know, kind of like the Sasquatch. There’s the thing about being an expat, the … Continue reading The Czech Sasquatch – In His Underwear

Freedom Looks Like Too Many Choices

“In New York freedom looks like too many choices.” The above line appears in U2’s song about New York City, aptly titled “New York.”  While I don’t expect to be setting foot in New York next week, I think the sentiment about “too many choices” will apply to my experience returning to America, even for a brief stay.  See, I moved to Prague about five … Continue reading Freedom Looks Like Too Many Choices


Before my European friends get all spun up about the title of this post, I’m not talking about human beings.  I’m talking about trash.  In Europe.  Lots of it. All over on our travels through Europe garbage is omnipresent.  I first experienced it over 15 years ago during “huelgas de basura” (garbage strikes) in Madrid.  For weeks at a time sanitation workers would go on … Continue reading Euro-Trash