Snowshoeing in Luosto


We’re still in Finland getting our winter activities on. Today was snowshoeing in the forest around the town of Luosto. The whole family did it for a couple hours and it was beautiful. Nothing gets more zen than standing in the middle of a silent, snowy forest having the peace broken by your four-year-old singing the Frozen theme.

The girls were actually total champs. We went up some fairly big hills with only a few granola bar breaks. Little NH2 also got to eat her first handfuls of fresh fallen snow.

Looks like Prague is in the 50s so it’ll be a shock to the system tomorrow.

Rovaniemi, Finland


This place is bonkers. I just spent an a hour in and out of the sauna. No snow for me, just the shower.  I have German roots. I’m practical.

But look at those temps and the sunrise/sunset. Going to some sort of a show tonight and we’ll all be packing hot hands!