Building a Bass Guitar – Part 3 (A Bass is Born)

I’m afraid the bass building project was not documented from start to finish like I had planned.  A combination of things that kept me from doing it that way.  I’m still coughing like a walrus, and when it came time to assemble the bass, the girls were out of the house with the camera.  So, all you get is a lovely photo of the finished … Continue reading Building a Bass Guitar – Part 3 (A Bass is Born)


Before my European friends get all spun up about the title of this post, I’m not talking about human beings.  I’m talking about trash.  In Europe.  Lots of it. All over on our travels through Europe garbage is omnipresent.  I first experienced it over 15 years ago during “huelgas de basura” (garbage strikes) in Madrid.  For weeks at a time sanitation workers would go on … Continue reading Euro-Trash