Huskers Lose Heartbreaker to VA Tech

I was up until after midnight here in Belgrade watching the disaster unfold on my laptop screen.  That old feeling that I had felt so many times during my childhood crept back into my chest.  My mind ran these thoughts over and over, “They’re going to choke in the 4th quarter.  They can’t close the deal.”

And so it was.

The defense missed some big plays and offensive penalties brought the Huskers to defeat themselves.  However, the team seems to be on the right path.  There’s still hope for the rest of the season and I think that they can still be contenders.  The key is this: execution, execution, execution.

I’ll be waiting to see if they get the message.

Go Big Red!

Nebraska NYeah, I may be jetting off to Bosnia tomorrow but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my last few hours in civilization as I please.  I’ve chosen to stream the Nebraska Cornhuskers pre-game show (and eventually the game) on the bedroom and living room computers.  So, as I’m back and forth putzing and packing, I can enjoy a Husker football Saturday.  Scampwalker covers the mood best in his recent post but even all the way over here, Big Red Fever is catching.

The cool thing is, I’ll be doing more or less the same thing with the addition of video next weekend.  Yes, I plan on watching all the action via Texas-based Slingbox – from Serbia.  Ain’t technology wonderful?