My Journey Ends in Kosovo


Two weeks on the road are coming to an end in the newest nation in the world – Kosovo.  This is a nation that has tasted independence for the first time and seems determined to make good on its promise.  Different organizations representing the “international community” swarm all over Pristina and give it a hyperactivity that would not otherwise be present.

One gets the sense that the Kosovars are good people.  With all that they have experienced, the fact that there is even hope for the future says something about their character.

I’ve learned much about this region on this trip.  I’ve also continued to learn about myself.  Those two things always seem to go together and, I think, always will.

Bosnia, Albania, Serbia and Kosovo

I’ll be taking a trip into the “cultural crossroads” of Europe in the coming weeks.  Blogging will be sporadic but I hope to post some good pictures and impressions from the road on NotHemingway while I’m gone.  I enjoy the food in this part of the world (although I always come home with a parasite) so I should be able to get a few good shots of my favorite chow from this corner of Europe.  Can you say Ćevapčići?  The people are always interesting and fairly friendly so, even though it is a long trip and a gosh-awful amount of airplanes, it should be fun.  Dovidjenja,  Do videnja, Mirë upafshim!