Greek Night in Prague

When I was a little kid my brother and I cooked a lot with our parents.  For one reason or another, my folks really liked Greek food.   They’d cook a big Greek meal with us and serve it all saying “Opa!” and using fake accents and all of that.  My brother and I caught the real spirit one time and went down to the basement and tore off a huge hunk of butcher paper from a roll and made a huge sign saying “GREEK NITE!”  We then proceeded to go upstairs in full stealth mode and get dressed in the best clothes we thought we had in our closets.  What resulted was me dressed in a hideous 80’s plaid “Easter” sport coat and some chiding from my dad about not knowing how to spell “night.”  The rest was just plain tasty.

Now, with that walk down memory lane, imagine my glee when I walked in and Mrs. NH had made a delicious Greek salad and had done all of the prep work for the kebabs pictured.  Add to that the fact that she picked up a couple “Mythos”, hummus, fresh pita and tzatziki from the Greek place down the street and you have one very good Wednesday meal.  Ah, GREEK NITE!

Greek Nite