Baked Salmon with Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes

I’m here to praise Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes.  I’ve loved spuds ever since I was a little boy.  However, this variety of mashed potato totally re-ignites my love affair with the tuber.  Mrs. NH found the recipe and I executed.  All you do is put about 1/2 a cup of olive oil in place of the butter and milk that you would ordinarily use.  A little chopped parsley for color and you’re good to go.

The salmon was great, too.  Just baked it up with a little mayo, mustard, lemon and garlic glaze.

The cool think about spuds prepared this way is that they hold up lots better for leftovers.  They aren’t the clumpy, dry, starchy mess that regular mashed potatoes sometimes tend to be.   So, we did what we are known to do with anything that isn’t nailed down – we added truffles.  Well, in this case, just a few drizzles of truffle oil next to a nice sirloin.  Two nights in a row of awesome starch.  Ah, and we repeated the green beans, too.

We don’t do Atkins in this house.