Refrigerator Pickles

If you want to make some pickles
Take your time make some brine
Put all those little things you love
In vinegar and wine
It ain’t Chinese algebra
It’s easily done
Why you can pickle anything
Pickling is fun

The Gourds – “Pickles”

I was in one of the Vietnamese-owned vegetable markets that litter the back streets of Prague last week and saw what appeared to be small cucumbers, just the right size to be pickled.  “I’d like to do that someday,” I thought.  Of course, I wasn’t about to start a canning operation in my small apartment, so, for the better part of a week, it remained in the “like to do but won’t” category.  Then, I stumbled on this post on Lifehacker.  It promised “Homemade Pickles in One Hour”.

I read the referenced recipes and thought about how I might go about getting “pickling spice” in this country.  If they had it, I wouldn’t be able to read it.  So, I decided to improvise my own brine.

I used about 8 of those cucumbers, sliced in quarters.  Then I used 1 cup of water, 2 cups of white wine vinegar, mustard seed, bay leaves, garlic, cumin and salt.  I boiled it for 2 minutes and then poured it over the cucumbers.  After leaving them to soak in the fridge over night, I had my first two spears this morning at around 9:30.  Yum.

Making pickles just moved into the “done” category.  Now, I’m itching to pickle some asparagus.