Sun Chips, etc.

Little NH2 had us up a good part of the night.  She wasn’t happy with something and as a result, we didn’t sleep a lot.  However, Mrs. NH is now taking a nap (I can’t sleep) and Little NH2 is dozing right next to me.  Little NH just got home from church with her Grandmother and is snacking on some chicken nuggets.

For my lunch, I fixed a turkey and swiss sandwich.  On the side, I had some Sun Chips.  I don’t get Sun Chips in Prague but have read about the loud, compostable bag.  I say it’s much ado about nothing.  I mean, I had it crinkling right next to an infant, and she didn’t even bat an eye.   Maybe if it was 3:00am it would be a different story.

Anyway, even in my slightly delirious state, I can appreciate how lame it is to blog about my lunch and a chip bag.  Sorry.