Gosh, Thanks!

Those limoncellos are for you, dear readers.  As I sit here and try not to post nudity or tons of profanity on my blog, you continue to visit.  For pictures of Minnie Mouse cakes and reviews of some of the best bands on earth, you come.  I’m not sure why you do, but you do.  The web is a weird place.  My ego is stroked and I sleep well knowing that you have helped readership (clickership?) increase to about 100 times what it was a little over a year ago.  I only wish my investments were doing so well.

At any rate, thanks.  This is fun for me and I hope it is for you.  Or, I at least hope it gives you comfort that there’s somebody in the world that is just a bit more of an aimless goofball than you.

Perfect Weather to Fly

kreschyatik nightIt’s been a year since I was in this city the last time.  20-some years since I was in this city for the first time.  Every visit, I come as a different person.  Something about this town makes me take stock of where I am.  Here?  Kyiv of all places.  Why not, I suppose.

This time I’m nothing but thankful.  Especially so.   The only reason I write it here is because I don’t write anywhere else these days.  To those of you reading or looking over – thanks.

See you next year.