Tomato Bruschetta

A bachelor buddy of mine had a cookout last night and he requested that all guests bring a side or a salad.  I kind of combined the two by making tomato bruschetta.  I got the recipe for this at a cooking class that Mrs. NH bought for me back when we were living in Washington, DC.  I haven’t pulled the recipe out in quite some time.  I’m glad I did for last night’s party.  Everybody loved it.

I think the key was grilling the bread.  I took some frozen, unloved baguettes, sliced them up and brushed both sides with olive oil before popping them on the grill to get slightly charred and smoky.  This step added the perfect rustic note to the dish.  It also kept the bread from getting stale.

Planning ahead, I separated a bit of the vegetable mix and a few slices of bread for myself.  So, no pickles for breakfast today, but I’m wondering how bruschetta would go with coffee?