TSA Stands for “Touching Sensitive Areas”

Or you could probably come up with your own definition.  The fact is, I’ve been groped for years.  I’ve been groped in Vienna, Prague and Munich (and that’s just on the metro!) and I’ve been shot with radiation in one of those standing x-ray things in Moscow for the last 3 or 4 years.  Yes my manhood is on file in Russia.  I just try not to think about it.  (No cracks about file size in the comments, alright?)

But, I have no choice.  If I were to say “no” like this guy and get put on the no fly list, that would be a short career for me.  But I agree that there has to be a comfortable medium.  And I believe the Feds need to find the happy middle sooner rather than later.  Because a lot of people are going to be a lot less passive than me.  It’s time for, as the pundits say, “a big national conversation.”  I expect privacy in the USA.  Moscow, not so much.  I just hope they have a lot of hard drive space.

It’s my blog.  I can say what I want.