2017 Albums of the Year Coming Soon!

Get your Spotify playlists ready. My playlist is playing on Plex as I compile my 2017 AOTY. This year, the countdown comes from an unmistakable dad in his mid-forties. I’m trying to shuffle my work and personal life and there’s not nearly the time to discover new music like there used to be. (Also, too many albums for me to go digging through to post … Continue reading 2017 Albums of the Year Coming Soon!

The Sorta Ultimate Budget Turntable Setup

  As I sit listening through my record collection, I take time to contemplate how I got here. Of course, the most important part is loving music.  Vinyl is an obsessive, fun, and slightly dangerous hobby.  However, of all of the things I could be doing at 42 that are obsessive, fun and dangerous, this seems pretty safe. But if you’re reading this far, you … Continue reading The Sorta Ultimate Budget Turntable Setup

Gorillaz – ‘Demon Days’ Vinyl Review

The news of all of the recent deaths of rock ‘n rollers has had me examining my own mortality lately.  It’s also made me try to not get too caught up in the daily badness that confronts me at the office.  Of course, my favorite way to sort things out at the end of the day is to sit down with a pair of headphones … Continue reading Gorillaz – ‘Demon Days’ Vinyl Review

Thunder Review: Pink Floyd – “Dark Side of the Moon” 2011 180 Gram Remaster

I just typed the title to this post and realize that I’ve crossed a Rubicon of sorts.  I’m seriously into records and actually pay attention to how much they weigh.  That’s just weird.  Even for me. Notwithstanding, Friday night found me on a crash course with fate.  I came across a brand new copy of the 2011 vinyl remaster of the aforementioned Pink Floyd masterpiece … Continue reading Thunder Review: Pink Floyd – “Dark Side of the Moon” 2011 180 Gram Remaster

Lightning Review: Stanton T.62

It’s 9:45, the kids are asleep, I’m halfway into a bottle of Cabernet and the Replacements “Waitress in the Sky” is pouring out of my speakers.  Hello, mid-life-crisis.  I think I love you. My Stanton T.62 is set up and spinning my collection.  It’s kind of forcing me to slow down and listen to the music.  Hell, when the first side is over, the needle … Continue reading Lightning Review: Stanton T.62

Crosley Revolution Turntable (Updated)

What you see above is the Crosley Revolution Turntable spinning my copy of U2’s War album.  The turntable was an impulse buy yesterday and thanks to Amazon’s next day delivery, I received vinyl gratification this morning around 10:00am with FedEx’s speedy delivery. Since I arrived in Texas, I’ve been snatching up new and used vinyl in shops, on Amazon and on Ebay.  You might recall … Continue reading Crosley Revolution Turntable (Updated)