Roman Holiday

We’re kicking it in Rome this weekend. Pasta, pizza, walking all over town and drinking every Negroni I can get my hands on. Needed a break from work and there’s no better place to get it. Slightly more regular updates over on twitter under the @NaughtHem handle.

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Christmas Market Time

Here is a picture NH2 and I co-drew after hitting the Christmas markets in Krakow, Poland. It’s a depiction of an ornament stand. Buying the red skull decoration was my idea. Hey, I live in a house full of girls.  I have to exert my influence when I can.

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Hydra Harbor

Mid way through Memorial Day weekend and we are waiting to take a boat back to our car on the mainland. The kids are officially tripped out and I am on the way to the market to get Mrs. NH and me some “coping fluid.” Commonly known as beer. See you on the mainland!

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