Two Hours of Windows 8

Conference calls about databases shouldn’t last until 9:00.  Last night mine did.  Immediately after I had a bowl of pasta while the Mrs. and I did our Christmas shopping on our 6 year old HP desktop.  It only took about 30-40 minutes to get most everything squared away.  That meant from about 9:40 until 11:40 […]

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Lightning Review: Stanton T.62

It’s 9:45, the kids are asleep, I’m halfway into a bottle of Cabernet and the Replacements “Waitress in the Sky” is pouring out of my speakers.  Hello, mid-life-crisis.  I think I love you. My Stanton T.62 is set up and spinning my collection.  It’s kind of forcing me to slow down and listen to the […]

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Crosley Revolution Turntable (Updated)

What you see above is the Crosley Revolution Turntable spinning my copy of U2’s War album.  The turntable was an impulse buy yesterday and thanks to Amazon’s next day delivery, I received vinyl gratification this morning around 10:00am with FedEx’s speedy delivery. Since I arrived in Texas, I’ve been snatching up new and used vinyl […]

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Radiohead – Live in Praha

Nobody gets the fans like Radiohead.  These guys realize that it’s a new game, the old models are dead and they are doing everything they can to construct new ones.  Witness Radiohead – Live in Praha. A group of 50 people took Flip cameras to the show last August and pooled all their video for […]

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Last Day in Croatia

So, I took the snorkel and the Kodak PlaySport out today and here was some of what I saw.  According to the Weather Channel forecast, the day was supposed to be a total washout; in fact, we all ended up with slight sunburns.  Good to know that USG employees aren’t the only ones who can […]

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I Worked Today

Believe it or not, I worked today.  As a matter of fact, I’ve worked just about every day on this trip.  Usually, it is from a mobile phone in my hand or a computer on my lap.  Never a full day, but enough. It is a crazy, connected world.  Which leads me to the point […]

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