Father’s Day and Anniversary in Brela

Post originally written June 21.

There are days when things just seem to break your way.  Days when all of those, “Am I where I should be?” type of questions seem to get answered.  Sure, there are the still those days in between to contend with but today was one of those days that you really live for.

I woke up this morning, not knowing that yesterday was Father’s day.  I had sent my dad a Father’s day gift before I left and wished him a happy one in absentia, but nobody wished me a happy Father’s day yesterday and I completely spaced it off.  (Hello, free pass on forgotten anniversary in the future!)  I’m not mad, just setting up the story…  But this morning I got up and there were a bunch of missed calls on my mobile phone, all forwarded from Skype.  Father’s day wishes, I presume.  It’s my 4th Father’s day and I still cant’ get used to the fact that it’s a holiday for me.  Funny, seems Mrs. NH can’t either.

But I digress.  Today, everything clicked into place.  It was a rainy morning, but just after a late lunch, the sun broke out of the clouds and the sea shone like a plate of glass.  We were all ready to hit it with gusto.  We strapped Little NH into her swim vest (a 21st Century version of floaties) and set off into the surf.  She walked around in the shallows for a minute and then, all by herself, said she wanted to float on her own.

An hour and a half later, we got out of the water.  She went from the shallows to the deep with the grace of a walrus and courage of a lion.  Waves and splashes proved no deterrent and she just kept swimming.  I had to remind myself to keep my agape mouth closed so it didn’t fill with water.  Proud?  You bet.

Yeah, my wife and daughter totally forgot Father’s Day.  But I don’t mind.  Late deliveries are always welcome.  Did I mention that today is Mrs. NH and my 13th wedding anniversary?

Things just keep breaking my way.

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