Meringue Ghosts and BBQ

I’m cooking ribs and brisket and Mrs. NH is in some sort of a Halloween cookie frenzy.  Pumpkin-orange icing and pointy hooded ghosts abound in the dining room.  We’re finally making good on our promise to have our local friends over for Texas BBQ tomorrow.  The beer is chilling, the ribs are resting and 8lbs. of brisket are primed and ready for the oven.  Between that Mrs. NH’s mac ‘n cheese extravaganza, it should be a helluva Thursday.

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  1. Fredericksburg Flash says:

    Ghost or no ghost, I wish we could be there to be part of the problem!!!
    (I’m always part of the problem, and that ain’t all bad)
    Say Hi to all of the gang!

    1. NotHemingway says:

      We wish you were here, too. The last brisket is in the oven and I’m going crazy with how good it smells. Little NH is getting pretty excited about the whole idea of a party as well.

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